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Below is a list of services & treatments that we offer and administer personally to help create greater balance, health and ultimately bliss in your life! We also offer gift certificates and carry a full line of ayurvedic herbal products. Please feel free to call us anytime with your questions, or schedule online here. If you are looking for something in particular and you don’t see it on the list below, or are wanting to merge separate treatments, please also give us a call on 08866660011.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic medical system, based on achieving physical and mental harmony with nature. It simply means science of life and has been practiced for more than 5000 years and supposed to be the oldest form of health care system available on planet today.

Ayurveda is a recognised branch of medicine existing in India alongside conventional medicine and is becoming ever more popular with spas and health centres around the world. Ayurveda is a gift to the world from Kerala, a southern state of India. Kerala is the place of all traditional Ayurvedic learning and practice. Kerala is known as ‘Gods own country’ and Ayurveda is acclaimed as ‘God’s own Therapies’. Ayurveda is a comprehensive system of herbal therapies originated in India thousands of years ago. ‘Ayur’ means life and ´Veda´ means science. Thus Ayurveda means science of life.

It gives a total approach to health and longevity. This holistic system of medicine is supposed to be the oldest form of health care system available on planet today. This is a unique system of therapies which believes in not only preventing the ailments of body alone but also the mind and spirit.

We treat our patients with the utmost care and personalized attention. Walk in as you are, and walk out as healthy and as beautiful as you want to be. Hundreds of lives have already been transformed through this Ancient healing technique of Ayurveda, So why not yours? We provide friendly and relaxed environment to all our patients. We also offer in-depth consultation and personalized spa treatment with the help of our dedicated, well trained & experienced team.

How can Ayurveda help me?

Our truly relaxing panchakarma and spa treatments use Ayurvedic massage techniques and practices, as well as using natural, organic creams, herbal and aromatic oils specific to your needs, we can assist in the restoration of balance and harmony and actively encourage self-healing and vitality.

Our Credibility

  • Well-equipped clinic with traditionally prepared Herbal oils from Kerala.
  • Experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners from Kerala.
  • Kerala herbal oil massages & herbal steam bath provided in authentic ayurvedic traditional way.
  • We monitor our staff and take feedback from our customers.
  • Our aim is to provide excellent service with reliable traditional Kerala Ayurvedic style.
  • We charge lower prices and deliver better quality services.
  • Medicines from reputed Ayurveda pharmacies.