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Its Time To Experience Panchkarma

Are you feeling stressed out and anxious? Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Are you struggling with pain, a chronic condition or a difficult diagnosis?

If physical and emotional roadblocks are preventing you from fully enjoying you life, its time to experience ‘Panchkarma’.

The programme’s unique approach is based on the powerful principles of Ayurveda, India’s 5000-year-old healing system. It combines a time-tested detoxification and cleansing process known as, Panch-karma, and healing techniques of Ayurveda.

Its a unique, holistic health-giving series of therapeutic treatments that cleanse the body’s deep tissues of toxins, open the subtle channels, bring life-enhancing energy thereby increasing vitality, inner peace, confidence and well-being.


The 5,000-year old healing science of Ayurveda teaches that good health depends upon our body’s ability to metabolize all aspects of life, assimilating that which nurtures us and eliminating the rest. When we can’t completely digest our food, experiences, and emotions, toxic residue gets stored in our bodily tissue, creating imbalance and – ultimately – dis-ease.

How Does Panchkarma Work?

Panchkarma is a Sanskrit term that means “the five actions,” (pancha = five, and karma = action), referring to the five different cleansing and rejuvenating procedures described in the classic Ayurvedic.

Step One: Preparatory Procedures

Panchakarma begins with oleation, a process of applying and ingesting pure oils/ghee in order to loosen and mobilize accumulated toxins. This step includes supplementation with soothing Ayurvedic massage treatments using herbalized oils.

Another vital aspect of this step is swedana, a Sanskrit word meaning “that which produces heat in the system.” Specific steam and warm oil therapies are used to heat the body. This process helps open the body’s circulation channels (srotas) and allows toxins to flow more easily from the tissues to the GI tract for elimination. Swedana also relaxes the body, releasing tension and allowing impurities to be eliminated through the sweat glands.

Step Two: Elimination and Release

Once the body’s toxins have been mobilized, gentle therapies are used to release them from the body. The 3 main elimination therapies in the Panchkarma includes –

  • Vamana therapy (Upward cleansing through vomiting)
  • Virechana therapy (Downward cleansing through purgation)
  • Basti therapy (Medicated enemas)

Step Three: Regeneration

The final stage of Panchkarma is rasayana,a term that means “that which is nourishing.” According to Ayurveda, once toxins have been cleansed, it is a critical time to begin replenishing the body with natural foods and herbs, revitalizing massage treatments, and healing practices such as meditation and yoga.

When and How Often Should I Do Panchkarma?

Panchkarma is the ultimate mind-body treatment for those who want to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. It is recommended on a seasonal basis, as well as when an individual feels out of balance or is experiencing a particular illness.